You guys, I am so excited to share my thoughts about this teeth whitening kit by GLO Science! I've actually never used a home whitening kit before so this will be my first official review! I'm obsessed with taking care of my teeth and am currently going to school to get my Dental Hygiene degree so having the chance to test out this product is awesome! 

My first impression of unboxing this set was that the packaging is really sleek and compact. It's the perfect size for traveling! I chose white (but it comes in many colors) and here's what my set contained:

- GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device
- GLO Brilliant Whitening mouthpiece + case
- 10 x GLO Brilliant Whitening Gels (g-vials) 
- USB power plug
- GLO lip treatment

The instructions were pretty simple. First, I started with charging the GLO Control. I did this while Savannah was napping (for 2 hours) and it was fully charged. I'm not sure how long it should take, but I think as long as the control turns blue then it's ready to use. I used the lanyard provided with the control so that I could be hands-free. Attach the GLO Mouthpiece to the Control and apply the lip treatment. 

Brush the gel on top and bottom teeth, fronts only. The vials contain a lot of gel so a little goes a long way. I accidently put too much on the first time and it was leaking out the sides of my mouth. Lol! Press the GLO button on the Control so Mouthpiece lights up a bright blue and place in mouth. Now all you do is wait 8 minutes and the mouthpiece shuts off automatically when the time is up. Savannah got hungry and I was able to whip up some mac n cheese while the kit was working its magic. ;)

Once the time is up, you can keep whitening throughout the day if you want. I used it once after drinking my coffee and plan on using each night before bed. Even after just one session, my teeth were visibly whiter! (NOTE: I do not use filters on my photos. I always shoot in natural lighting to maintain the integrity of my images.) 

The GLO Brilliant Device also uses an LED light which is safe for your teeth and really kept Savannah entertained! Of course she was so curious, she had to try it out for herself before I even got to use it!! She is obsessed with her teeth too...she even gets upset when I take her toothbrush away!

My goal is to use it for 10 days to see my teeth's maximum whiteness potential! I'm hoping to have some nice pearly whites just in time for my birthday! Oh and my teeth are really sensitive when it comes to hot and cold foods, but this gel didn't harm my teeth at all! I didn't feel anything, except a warm tingling sensation when I turned the mouthpiece on and placed it over my teeth. Overall, I'm super happy with my GLO Brilliant Whitening kit and I'm definitely going to make this part of my normal beauty routine! I love the fact that it's so quick and easy, but most of all I can whiten my teeth in the comfort of my home and it works so well! It’s really the best teeth whitening device out there, hands down.



BEFORE no treatment (taken around 2 pm)

BEFORE no treatment (taken around 2 pm)

File Dec 09, 12 03 50 AM.jpeg
File Dec 09, 12 29 41 AM.jpeg
File Dec 09, 12 05 39 AM.jpeg
AFTER 1 treatment (taken at 4:30 pm)

AFTER 1 treatment (taken at 4:30 pm)

File Dec 09, 12 04 01 AM.jpeg