With Fall coming to an end, I had to take advantage of Sacramento's beautiful fall foliage. I'm so glad that I got to capture some beautiful photos with these pretty golden leaves. It was such a coincidence that they matched with the custom-made pieces that I'm wearing from Brook & York. I love discovering new brands that are made in the USA. These necklaces have such a special meaning in my heart and I've been wearing them daily since they arrived in the mail.

The top necklace I have on is the Nella Mini Nameplate Choker. It's such a simple design and I'm a big fan of the lowercase lettering and obsessed with all things gold! At first, I was going to get Savannah's name on it but I decided to get my own name engraved on it instead. I actually love my name even though some people tend to mispell and pronouce it wrong. I've gotten all sorts of different spellings like Haley, Haylee, and been called Heidi or Hilary. So now, I hope everyone will get my name right! 

Here's a little background on how I earned my name: I am the oldest of 4 girls and my mom didn't speak much English when she had me since she is originally from Vietnam. The nurse who delivered me wasn't able to have children of her own and told my mom that if she ever had a daughter she would name her Hailey. My mom instantly fell in love with the name and decided to name me Hailey in honor of her. My name means so much to me and I'm so proud to be rocking this choker with all my outfits!

The second piece I'm wearing is the Roman Numeral Bar Choker with custom roman numeral engraving. I got Savannah's birthday engraved on it and it reads VI.XVI.MMXVI. It's my favorite piece of the two because it's the day that I became a mother. After suffering a miscarriage 6 years ago, I felt as if my life would never be complete without a child. I always knew that I wanted to have a baby and if I ever had a girl I would name her Savannah. I just loved that name growing up in the South. My life has forever changed since I had Savannah and I LOVE her to pieces! I have never loved another human being as much as I love my little mini me! She is my world and puts a smile on my face everday! This choker is so beautifully crafted and holds such a special moment in my life that I will cherish forever. 

Brook & York offers so many pieces of jewelry that are versatile and their quality is impeccable! My necklaces are plated with 18K gold and can be dressed up or dressed down! I love how unique my chokers are and that they are personalized to what I want. I'm so excited to be wearing them for my birthday dinner and the Holiday parties coming up! They would make such great gifts for any occasion whether it's birthdays or anniversaries. Right now through Christmas, you can use code HOLIDAZE2017 to get 15% off your order. Be sure to check out their site for some amazing deals and new're going to love them, I promise! :)



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photography by  Erika Heath

photography by Erika Heath