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Savannah and I went out to run errands and had to make a stop at our local Chevron station to fuel up on gas and grab some snacks. I saw this really cool Artic Coke Icy Beverage machine while waiting in line and decided to give it a try! I grabbed a 20 oz. Coca-Cola™ and followed the instructions on the side of the machine. Before you start, make sure the light on the machine is green. That means the drinks are at the right temperature in order for the machine to do its thing. Here is all you have to do:

  1. Take your beverage of choice and tilt or turn upside-down. 
  2. Place the bottle on the holder.
  3. Push the button and wait for your drink to turn into a slushy treat! 
  4. Enjoy your semi-frozen drink! :)

The machine is super easy to use and takes only a few minutes. I got a Coca-Cola™ and POWERADE® to go since we were on our way to do some shopping. I found this machine to be pretty amazing!! One of my pet peeves when buying drinks is that they aren't cold enough in the fridge, but this Artic Coke machine really turned my drink into a refreshing bottle of icy goodness! My drink was super cold and I could see the ice crystals formed at the top of the bottles. My POWERADE® pictured below was actually frozen...the photo doesn't do it justice because of how cold and foggy the bottle was. I was surprised at how fast it transformed right before my eyes! Check out this cool video to see how this machine works.

I just love how convenient these machines are and think they deserve to be put in all locations. Next time you're in a Chevron station, be sure to try out the Artic Coke Icy Beverage machine. You can search for a location near you here. It's perfect for those who are on the go especially if you're looking for a slushy treat! I can't wait to use it at other locations when I travel! ;)




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