Today, I'm sharing my first impressions of the Wines of Provence rosés. I absolutely love wine and traveled to France before, but I haven't been to the city of Provence. Provence is the leading Rosé producing-region in France as they devote 89% of its production to rosé. Wines of Provence has unique attributes and is a high quality rosé that matches with my casual, elegant lifestyle! It's really affordable (price ranges from $15 to $29) and does not disappoint. Time to sit down, relax, and #fallintorosé!

The Domaine La Rabiotte is such a pretty pale, pink rosé and it has aromas of strawberry, fresh-cut watermelon, and rose petal...it has a distinctive, salty aftertaste that's pleasing to the palate. Some of the other wines have fruity, floral and spicy notes. They're extremely vivacious on the palate...super delicate and well-balanced. The Wines of Provence are best when enjoyed on their own because they reveal their great intense flavor! I prefer to sip my rosé by itself first so that my food doesn't mask its flavor. Even though rosé reminds me of summertime, it's more than just a summer drink. It's fresh, crisp and perfect for brunch or lunch! You can definitely bring Wines of Provence rosé to a get-together with family and friends. It'll make them feel like they've been transported to France!

Like I said before these wines have an outstanding palette of flavors! You'll be sure to find your wine match: rosé is for all seasons and cuisines. Wines of Provence are the perfect pairing to any meal. They're an iconic brand and have a year-round popularity thanks to their versatility and food adaptability. Either red, white or rosé, Wines of Provence offer endless food pairing possibilities, even for the heartier Fall and Winter dishes. Some of my favorite dishes like Seasoned Sea Bass, Chicken Tikka Masala, or Spicy Tomato Bisque would go so well with it. I'm obessed with exotic or spicy cuisine and these rosé wines pair beautifully with all the spices! Another dish I'm going to enjoy these wines with is Asian Chicken Noodle Soup...I think it'll taste so good with some Homemade Chicken Pho! 

Thanksgiving and the Holidays will be here before you know it and these rosés would make a great gift or addition to your meals! Since I missed The Wines of Provence Restaurant Week in SF and NY, I'm so glad I got to sample these. The packaging is so dreamy and I just love how they are made in France! Oh and if you are in SF, The Wines of Provence Resturant Week is from October 2nd to 22nd and it highlights all the wines of Provence rosés in Fall and Winter recipes which means that we can drink #roséallyear! I hope you all enjoy a glass of rosé today and whether you kept it simple and lounged around in your pj's like me...or paired it with a meal, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Cheers! :)