Hi all! Today I wanted to address a topic that I've talked about in the past...that all babies have a need for diapers. As a first time mama, I spent time stocking up on diapers ranging from size NB to 4 before Savannah was even born. I really wanted to be prepared for the unexpected and didn't want to run out of diapers. Kids grow up so fast which is why I want to spend as much time as I can with my baby before she turns into a big girl! That's why I buy Huggies diapers because they are a great brand and come in so many different styles to fit your baby's needs. We just tried Huggies Little Movers for the first time and they fit her so well and are flexible for when she's playing and on-the-go!

Now I am so excited to be telling you about their amazing mission and what they are doing to help families in need this year! Huggies has teamed up with Walgreens to better support families in need and ensure that all babies get the care they need to thrive. From March 26 through April 29, any purchase of Huggies diapers at Walgreens or Walgreens.com triggers a donation of a day’s worth of diapers to a family in need. With your help, Huggies and Walgreens will donate 1.5 million diapers and 250,000 wipes nationwide to the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN).

By purchasing Huggies diapers at Walgreens, you can support those families struggling with diaper need. Savannah and I are so happy to help Huggies reach their goals this year! This is a super easy way to give back since you'll probably need to restock your diaper stash or grab some for a friend who's expecting a baby. It's definitely a win-win for us mamas! Be sure to head to your local Walgreens store to snag this diaper deal and give back to those who don't have enough resources to buy diapers for their little ones. Also, you can get $2 off with the Ibotta app too! :) I love using Ibotta especially since it's so easy to scan the item you bought and submit your receipt for extra savings. If there's not a Walgreens near you, then you can also go to their site at the National Diaper Bank Network to make a donation. Any monetary donation whether big or small will really make a difference in someone's life.

My goal in working with charitable events is to teach Savannah how to spread love and kindness to everyone around her. She will be turning two in June and is acting like a big girl already! She's very active and super independent now...she loves to play all day, everyday! I'm so thankful to have her in my life and glad that I can buy the best diapers for her to jump and play in...these Little Movers Diapers are a big hit! I hope that you all will join me along with Huggies and Walgreens to spread some cheer to families this Spring season! :)